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Island Packet Yachts

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Island Packet Yachts

New Sales -
New boats can be viewed in-build at the factory in the US by appointment. Where possible current models can be viewed in the UK by arrangement with our clients. Call our London Office (+44[0]1932 225 034) to check on availability.
Current model details and specifications can be viewed at the Island Packet Yachts website. Thames Boat House Ltd (Walton Marine) are EU Agents for Island Packet Yachts and our south coast base at Bucklers Hard Brokerage on the Beaulieu River is our delivery and commissioning base for Island Packet operations and used boat sales. We can also help you sort out a step-by-step training programme as well as moorings, boat handling and all the other essentials.

Brokerage -
High quality cruising sailboats have always benefited from good resale values and Island Packet used boat prices continue to hold up well due to the exclusive nature of this market.

Our agents are on hand to guide you through all aspects of purchasing a new yacht. Bucklers Hard Brokerage specialises in the sale of second-hand Island Packet Yachts for European owners with boats based anywhere in the world. If you have an existing boat to sell, then we can arrange a part exchange or a preferential brokerage package can be set up for new boat orders.

More and more customers are looking to get away from it and realise the life long dream of owning a real sea going cruising yacht. What better life time investment can you make than into something that is healthy, relaxing, great fun and can include all the family. Developing your skills locally with inshore passages exploring the UK coast, then Europe and maybe the world's oceans is a dream challenge. It's an investment, not just in your money, but also in your time for the benefit and inheritance of everyone you care about.

Island Packet Yachts serve as industry benchmarks for their quality of construction, performance, superior safety and seakeeping, ease of handling, and spacious accommodation. Their hull designs offer exceptional stability for both shallow water cruising or worldwide voyaging along with performance capabilities proven by numerous victories in prestigious international offshore sailing events. Island Packet yachts were the first US-built sailboats to be certified to the rigorous European CE and IMCI standards, with every current model approved at the highest level : Category A - Ocean.

Each model in the Island Packet line represents the culmination of years of extensive hands-on design, building, and sailing experience. They reflect the needs of the cruising sailor and offer unparalleled excellence and value. Compare them with the competition and you'll clearly see why Island Packet is America's Cruising Yacht Leader.™

Please Contact Me or call our London Sales Office on 01932 225034 or Email:

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If you would like a valuation of your boat click here and we will make contact and arrangements to assist.

Island Packet Yachts

Support -
First class service in the UK or Europe is provided by our service partner Landau trading as Island Packet Yachts Service based at Swanwick Marina in Southampton. For international support or spares contact either direct with the factory in the US or we can assist through our association with the Island Packet global network and specialist service providers.

As an existing owner or wanabe owner, the UK Island Packet Owners Association provides a fantastic owners community. Make contact and enjoy your boat by clicking here for more information and check out what's going on.

Offices -
New Boats for the UK, Europe and Export - Thames Boat House (Walton Marine) London Office at Shepperton, contact Mike Cook or Darrel South.

Used Boats in UK and EU - we are Europe's leading Island Packet broker and our London Office will work with your local broker or our south coast agents in Southampton Sea Ventures based at Swanwick Marina and Bucklers Hard Yacht Brokers based at Bucklers Hard on the Beaulieu River.

Charter -
If you want to seriously "try-before-you-buy" or are looking for an Island Packet for bareboat or skippered charter for a holiday, we can put you in touch with various charter companies around the world that use Island Packet Yachts.